For those who want better, not more.

AshleyRose Clothing specializes in quality, handmade garments for
children ages 0 months to 6 years old. We believe in bringing
well-crafted apparel to the market with the intention of reducing
textile waste. Our timeless garments can be passed down for
generations in order to promote the reuse of clothing. In this way, we
intend to contribute to the efforts in pollution reduction and
energy-intensive production of new garments. Each item is carefully
crafted in Hawaii with the intention of providing jobs to women with
children, hard-working students and innovative individuals eager to
improve our environment.

We believe in mindful, careful consumption of the highest quality
products so that customers can buy fewer of them. AshleyRose Clothing
cares deeply about making things the right way and chooses to focus on
high-quality products rather than profits. Our business is for those
who want better, not more. Respecting the people we work with,
fostering relationships within the community, promoting positive
company culture, and consciously recognizing the environment are just
as important as the products we make.

AshleyRose Clothing is a brand born out of dislike for excess and desire for quality. Practicality, comfort and attention to detail for children's clothing are at the forefront of our philosophy.

We cut and sew all of our garments locally in Hawaii using only the highest quality fabrics. Quality fabric is significantly more durable, feels better against delicate skin, and gets softer with each wear.

We strive to create thoughtful, well-designed, and long-lasting garments. By ultimately creating seasonless pieces that can be worn a myriad of ways, we aim to discourage the disposable view of clothing that has become increasingly pervasive. Our hope is to return to the days of a minimal, functional wardrobe worthy of care and passing on.

For buying, selling and trading options of slightly used AR items, join our Facebook page AshleyRose VIP to help in our efforts to reduce textile waste.

Be sure to check out @ashleyroseclothing on Instagram for the most up-to-date designs and exclusive discounts!

Much aloha,

Ashley Rose

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