As mothers, we know that just raising children is tough enough, let alone raising them to have all the qualities we wish we had. I find myself losing my patience, or constantly thinking about the past and worrying about the future. It is so easy to lose track of here & now and end up missing out on some important milestones. And although parenting can be a difficult task alone, there’s actually some very simple activities you can add into your daily routine to build on good morals for your children. Morals that I am guilty of letting go right over my head and continuing on with my normal routine. So here’s to raising our children to be a bit wiser than us Mothers! 


This is a quality that really shows once you're an adult. Let's say you're driving down the road and you see a homeless man begging for spare change. Now before I really dig into my heart my first instinct might be "get a job, I work for my money shouldn't you?" but on second thought I don't know this man. I don't know his story or his reasoning for why he has to beg instead of  work. Empathy is something we should all practice in our daily routine. This is an easy one to practice with your children. Whenever you have a similar thought, share it with your child no matter how young (newborns are always listening!). Now sympathy and empathy aren't the same things, and easily confused. Sympathy is looking down and saying "wow bummer, I'm sorry for you", where empathy is getting down on that say level and saying "I know this is tough, I'm here too". Empathy is all about understanding and relating to one another. As parents, empathy can help us teach and connect more with our little ones. 


Now affirmations may not be a quality we can teach our children, but a way to help them build confidence. I actually didn't really learn about affirmations until college. Personally, if I would have learned about affirmations much earlier in life I would've had the confidence to start blogging and sharing my personal feelings much earlier. Affirmations are another simple one, whether morning, bedtime or in your free time just take a few minutes to write down some positive self-beliefs about you and your children and read them aloud. A good idea is to build on these beliefs by writing them on sticking notes and placing them on the fridge as positive reminders. Just a few affirmations for us Mamas today: I am kind, I am strong, I am an amazing Mother and always doing my best for my children! 


So kindness goes hand in hand with empathy. Sometimes when it's difficult to relate to how another person is feeling it's even more difficult to be kind to them. Now, Mama, this is one we have to work on in order to teach our children. Little eyes and ears are always on us as their role models. Sometimes I struggle, I raise my voice, I regret it less than 5 minutes later. It's ok to struggle, you can build on this easily! After you raise your voice or do something not kind just explain this to your children. They may not be adults but they understand much more than we give them credit for. If I get frustrated, even when Harbor was a newborn, I would apologize and explain why I was frustrated, then shower her with kisses of course. So here is to us Mamas building on our kindness and being role models for our little superstars!


Wooooh. Ok. So this is one I struggle with on the daily, and I know I'm not the only one. "It's time to go." "But Harbor is crying!" "We are going to be late, give her a paci." "She doesn't want the paci she's hungry I have to feed her!" "But we are going to be late!". Ok, pause. That whole conversation wasted a good 3 minutes I could have spent feeding Harbor instead of worrying about how late we were to the Doctors. The doctors will always be there, there will always be another appointment, the world isn't ending. When we start to feel frustrated with time, take a moment, breathe, remember you are in the here and now, so don't worry about the future! Teach this to your children, let them see us be patient as mothers so they can grow to be even wiser than us and our mothers! 

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